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SkyRc Car Gyro GC301
  • SkyRc Car Gyro GC301

SkyRc Car Gyro GC301

Ref. SK-600068
Marca: SkyRC
With the SkyRc Car Gyro GC301, you can improve your car handling. Indicated for drifting and offroad (monsters, short course, truggys, buggys,…).
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GC301-Gyro for RC Cars, It is a device using gyro sensor and software algorithm to adjust steering output, providing you with a more stable and controlled driving experience.
The Gyro's heading hold effect manages steering output by automatically keeping the car's tires aligned in the direction you chose.

It will also precisely maintain car direction regardless of the amount of traction of the track or outside force apply to the car. With heading hold, the car is more maneuverable and controllable.




  • Make corrective steering adjustment for RC cars
    GC301 gyro allows you to drive the RC car toward a given direction and taking precision turns at high speeds more manageable, more controllable and more stability.
  • Remote gain function
    You can adjust gain from the transmitter CH3 by using the remote gain function. Gain can also be adjusted with the trimmer on the GC301.

Technical Specs:

Dimensions: 21 x 21x 11mm (LxWxH)
Gyro Sensor: Vibration Structure Gyro
Operating Voltage: 4-8.4V
Current Drain: 25mA
Operating Temperature Range: -10ºC to +45ºC
Weight: 3.6g

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