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Remote control Cars

Scale 1/24-1/43 electric

Choose your remote control car scale 1/24 to 1/43.


They are small cars, but with good performance. Usually these 1/24 remote control cars are suitable for indoor running. Here you can Buy Small Electric Rc Car.

What are radio control scales and how they work:

The scale of an rc model indicates how many times smaller is that model in relation to the car at real size. A 1/2 scale indicates that the model is half the size of the actual car, for example. If the scale is 1/43 it means that the model is 43 times smaller than the real car.

The larger the denominator of the scale, the smaller the model size. Thus, a 1/43 rc car is smaller than a 1/16 scale model, for example.


Features of a car rc scale 1/24 to 1/43:


- You can save it anywhere, do not require a specific space
- Easy to transport
- They do not require very advanced tools for repair / maintenance, as they are simple cars
- Most come in RTR versions (ready to go)
- They are mostly rc cars for beginners
- There are many models designed and suitable for children


With all this information, now you can choose in Factorhobby the best small scale rc and become a great rc pilot!!

There are 6 products

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