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Remote control Cars

Scale 1/18 - 1/16

Features of 1/16 and 1/16 scale radio control cars

Find in our store the model of high-quality electric radio control car for track or all-terrain from 1/16 scale to 1/18 scale.

The 1/16 and 1/16 rc cars are one of the most demanded rc models, and have the following features:

They are initiation scales mostly.

They have quite affordable prices, ranging from 90 euros of the simplest cars with brushed engine up to 170-200 euros of the most powerful brushless models.

The size usually comes close to 25cm, very comfortable to store in any box or bag and to remove them whenever you feel like, or take them with you anywhere.

We put aside, yes, the 1/18 models for kids or toy rc(With speeds and somewhat lower capacity).

They do not require very advanced tools for repair / maintenance.

Most come in RTR versions (ready to go)

They do not have a high ground height, so they need a comfortable and fairly uniform ground to prevent the chassis (the bottom) from continuously touching the ground.

They can be used both in the interior (garages, courtyards ...) and outside because of their small size.

Most of these models are electric. There is some gasoline version, but it is not recommended because of the carburetion difficulties of such a small engine.

You can opt for more advanced models with brushless motor, of greater power and speed, something more focused to the competition.

There are 24 products

Wltoys A959 Rc Car 1/18 2.4Gh 4WD Off-Road B...

Wltoys a959 is a high power rc car, designed for allroad. 4Wd transmission, Lipo battery and 2,4 Ghz transmit...

Himoto Mastadon 1/18 Monster Truck E18MT RTR

Himoto Mastadon 1/18 Monster Truck 4WD with 2.4Ghz transmitter. The brushed version more robust for harsh ter...

Himoto Centro 1/18 Truggy E18XT RTR

Himoto Centro 1/18 Truggy 4WD with 2.4Ghz transmitter and brushed electric motor. A good ratio between qualit...

Himoto Driftx 1/18 Drift E18DT RTR

Himoto Driftx 1/18 Drift 4WD with 2.4Ghz transmitter, battery charger and battery. Ready to Run. A perfect co...

Himoto Tyronno 1/18 Short Course E18SC RTR

Himoto Tyronno 1/18 Short Course 4WD electric with 2.4Ghz transmitter and Ni-Mh battery. Perfect for those se...

Himoto Hammer 1/18 Hummer E18HM RTR

Himoto Hammer 1/18 Hummer 4WD with 2.4Ghz transmitter, battery charger and battery. Enjoy RC hobby since the ...

Wltoys A979 1/18 2.4Gh 4WD Monster Truck

The Wltoys A979 1/18 2.4Gh 4WD Monster Truck offers top of fun, and max speed!

Himoto Barren 1/18 Desert Buggy E18DB RTR

Himoto Barren 1/18 Desert Buggy 4WD with electric motor and 2.4Ghz transmitter. An affordable and economic bu...

Himoto Tricer 1/18 On Road Car E18OR RTR

Himoto Tricer 1/18 Onroad remote control Car 4WD with 2.4Ghz transmitter. An electric model for those who wan...

Himoto Spino 1/18 Buggy E18XB RTR

Himoto Spino 1/18 Buggy 4WD with 800mAh battery and a powerful brushed motor. Guarantee your fun with this ro...


The more aggressive 1/16 by NINCO ! 1/16 Tremor Orange with small size and low weight optimize the off road p...