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Rc Quadcopters

Rc Quadcopters

What are the drones in radio control?


Drones are in vogue in recent times. The drones are unmanned aerial vehicles, or at least unmanned from the dron itself, since in this case we are going to refer to drones controlled by radio control. In military applications there are drones piloted at large distances, or even drones with autonomous missions, which do not need anyone overseeing it.

Regarding the radio control drones, we will try to focus on the drones with camera, which have been one of the revolutions of the last years. And now every time we can see drones with video camera and drones with cameras of higher quality and smaller size.

Even drones that are handled from a clock, and that are able to follow you while doing your favorite sport, and go recording aerial images without you having to do anything. We are going to give a review by the different types of drones with camera that we can find us in the practice of the Hobby.


Types of drones with camera


One of the most common classifications we can make of drones is the following:

- Drones with camera that record the images in a memory card Microsd: these drones have a camera, which is capable of recording video and taking pictures, grabandolas on a microsd card. From the station we can activate when you start to record video, or when it stops, as well as the moment to take a photo. But all this is done without being able to see the image that we are going to take.

-Dams with camera and Wifi: They come to solve the problem that we have indicated in the previous drone type, as this second model of dron with camera, has Wifi connection to connect from an app Of the mobile phone, and to be able to see on your phone what you see through the dron's camera. This type of wireless Wifi connection is of poor quality and offers a delay between what we see and what is happening, which is not critical to a hobby use of the dron, but is not feasible when it comes to professional applications or racing drones. 2.4Ghz Wifi connectivity is limited in distance and quality. Therefore it is only valid for domestic drones.

-Flowers with FPV system: This is the third type of hobby drone. The drones with FPV allow a first-person view, and it is a communication in 5.8Ghz, which is a high quality frequency that allows long distances of connectivity. These drones incorporate monitors or displays in the transmitter that next to a receiver, receive the signal of the camera of the dron without delays, reason why they are ideal for drones of races and for professional uses. We can also find some of these drones, around 200 € for an advanced Hobby use.

- Finally the professional drone systems that encompass all these technologies together with GPS systems, as well as more propellers, in order to lift greater weight (for higher quality cameras) and They have systems of gimballs stabilizers of the camera and the last technology in stability.

On some hobby drones you can already find GPS systems, gimball systems, and FPV systems. Not all at once, but if some of them, which allows any user to be able to take very high quality aerial shots.


Drones flight regulations


The regulation of the drone flight in Spain has recently been revised, and little by little is becoming clearer, requiring a dron pilot card when you want to fly drones that exceed 25 kg. Nevertheless, tranquil @, since all the radio controlled drones that you can find in Factorhobby have a lower weight and can be piloted without that requirement.

In FactorHooby we have a wide and specialized catalog of cheap camera drones. Buy your cheap radio control dron here with excellent flight autonomy, great stability and easy handling and maintenance. Take advantage of our special prices and offers on camera drones and get them at the best price on the market.

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