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RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters

The best helicopters to initiate radio control


For all those who want to start in the world of radio control Helmodel, we are going to show you different types of initiation models among which you can choose, for example the bi-rotor helicopters and fixed pitch helicopters. There is also the possibility of variable pitch helicopters, although these are recommended when the user is somewhat more experienced.

RTF(Ready To Fly) models are also advisable as they are delivered completely assembled and include the transmitter.

It is advisable to have certain spare parts for your helicopter, which will save you subsequent shipping costs and waiting time to receive the spare, avoiding having stored the rc helicopter without being able to enjoy or Practice with him. Some of the most common spare parts are the undercarriage and a set of shovels, among others.

The budget for the acquisition of a birotor or fixed-pitch helicopter is quite similar, but this is not the case for the variable-pitch helicopter and its purchase is recommended for a larger flying experience.


Types of helicopters according to their use


To fly the helicopter in a room or in a garden with little space, opt for a birotor helicopter like some mini models, as they are smaller and slower helicopters, And fly easily in a small space and you can make your first stationary flights and small displacements between the furniture of a room or hall.

For those who have a larger salon or a more spacious garden and without too many obstacles, you can start with a small size fixed chopper.

The start will be more difficult because the flight will be faster, but once you have acquired a bit of experience and improving the reflexes you can perform with this type of helicopter. Travel flights and steep turns. The best thing to do with this model is to have tried some of the lower features before, or to test in open spaces to avoid accidents.

The ability you show will depend a lot on whether you have already managed another type of vehicle on a remote control scale such as a rc car.

Choose 3 or 4 channels on a RC Helicopter?

3-Channel RC Helicopters: They are the easiest to fly and fly. They are generally coaxial helicopters (two main rotors, one on top of the other) and self-stable (with stabilizer bar). They also include gyroscopes, which makes the helicopter very easy to control as it corrects its position at all times. Its functions are up-down, turn right-left, and move forward-backward.

4-channel radio control helicopters: They have practically all the movements of a real helicopter since, in addition to turning right-left, and scrolling forward-back like the 3 channels, these rc helicopters 4 channels can fly sideways. There are coaxial or fixed pitch.


Size of a remote controlled helicopter.


There are remote control helicopters of many different sizes, but there are usually talk of helicopters class 100, 200, 450, 600, etc. This figure indicates the diameter of the main rotor blades of the helicopter. It is a good reference of the dimensions of the helicopter, although there are marks that do not respect this code.

If you are going to buy your first remote control helicopter you should choose a rather small range. A 100 class helicopter is a good choice and better that your first models of helicopters are plastic, because with that size you can fly in smaller spaces with greater ease and also the Weight of the rc model will be lower. By having a plastic lighter helicopter, if you have an accident with it and you hit something or it falls to the ground, something very normal when you are learning to fly, it will not cause significant damage and will also be more impact resistant than a larger rigid model such as a helicopter with aluminum parts.

At Factorhobby we have an extensive catalog of cheap radio control helicopters. Mini helicopters for indoor flight, 3,4 and 6 channels, quadricopters, RTF models (ready to fly), as well as all kinds of spare parts and accessories for rc helicopters. Many of our helicopter models are equipped with powerful brushless motors. We have many different models, some special for initiation, and others suitable for experts. And the best price on radio controlled helicopters is at FactorHobby.

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