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RC Excavators

RC Excavators

The World of Rc Excavators

Welcome to the world of Rc excavators. In this section we collect all types of electric excavators with real movements, along with construction machinery, such as dump trucks, cranes, rollers and much more!

If you are passionate about rc excavators, the first thing you have to choose is whether you want a shovel or arm excavator. Both are very spectacular, and allow you to land and sand, as if you were at the controls of a real excavator.

The movements that you can make from the command, are forward, behind and also to turn the excavator, and also allow you to move the shovel or arm to catch land or sand. When you join several excavators and some construction trucks you can really create an environment that perfectly simulates any work on a highway.

Choose Rc excavator or construction equipment

If you have doubts about whether to buy construction equipment (dump trucks, construction trucks, cranes, etc.) or an RC excavator, we first recommend that you watch the videos of each one in action. On the page of each product we usually have several photos and a video so you can see the real movements, sounds, and quality and size of each excavator.

Some models incorporate special lights and sounds. The most fun is to get together several friends and each one have a model of rc excavator and rc trucks or construction machinery, so you can go to a place where there is land, and practice doing earth movements with rc vehicles.

We offer you cheap Rc Excavators replicas of the real models

Models of inexpensive radiocontrolled excavators of great realism and good quality. Choose from several models and take advantage of discounts and special prices. In Factorhobby we offer models of excavators rc to be able to do the work in your own home. Excavators of all types, with real movements and sounds, handled from the control. Get to the controls of a remote-controlled excavator. You can now buy your radiocontrol excavator in Factorhobby!

There are 10 products

Road Roller 1:20 Jamara w. shake function 2,...

Compra ya el Rodillo compactador con vibración de Jamara escala 1:20 con emisora de 2,4Ghz, el rodillo compac...

Concrete Mixer MAN 1:20 2,4GHz Jamara

Compra ya el Mezcladora MAN de Jamara escala 1:20 con emisora de 2,4Ghz, super realista para disfrutar al máx...

Ninco Heavy Duty Crane Truck

The Heavy Duty Crane truck from Ninco, fully radio controlled with all kind of functions, sounds, lights, etc...

Ninco Heavy Duty Excavator Truck

The Ninco Heavy Duty Excavator is a fully radio controlled excavator. Move in all directions and enables the ...

Crane- Big size Remote control

Big Tower crane rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise
69,95 €

Flat Bed Truck Mercedes Arocs 1:20 2,4Ghz Ja...

Buy the Jamara Mercedes Arocs Trailer 1:20 scale with 2.4Ghz transmitter, with many movements available and r...

Bagger Liebherr R936 1:20 2,4G Destruction-S...

Bagger Liebherr R936 1:20 2,4G Destruction-Set Jamara 405112 with realistic engine sound and realistic functi...