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Remote control Cars

Remote control Cars

CochesRc: What they are and how they work

Welcome to the exciting world of Cars. Radiocontrol cars are cars controlled remotely from a remote or a transmitter. Also known as remote control cars, they are one of the toys suitable for children and adults, and as we will explain below, you will be able to find from electric rc cars with high performance up to 80 km / h, up to advanced models of gasoline cars, which in both cases will allow you to have a good time with The friends, or to be able to initiate you in the world of the competition. Thanks to the new engines, increasingly powerful, to the wheels suitable for each type of surface, the composite chassis lightened and the use of carbon fiber and light and resistant materials, Hobby cars allow different uses as A 5 year old can play with his electric remote control car, up to an adult who wants to experience first-person competition with a rc car.

Which Rc car to buy?

This is the first question that is asked everyone who is going to buy their first Remote Control Car. And the answer is not easy, given the wide variety of cars on the market. But for that we are in Factorhobby, to try to help you with the solution to that difficult question. And is that, from Factorhobby we want to advise you on the purchase of your first car radio control. For this we are going to teach you some of the key points to consider before buying a remote control car:

Recently, Rc Electric cars are in fashion. Why? Simply for ease of use. The rc cars driven by batteries, are simpler than those of gasoline or nitro, since it will be sufficient to charge the batteries, and to enjoy. Instead the gasoline or nitro models, incorporate an engine of explosion, that needs certain knowledge to handle it, like a basic notions of carburacion, and to walk with gasoline or nitro. In exchange, these remote-controlled cars with an explosion engine offer us a unique experience when you hear your engine revolve, something fans of the engine world can miss in electric models.

If you buy a Cocherc in Factorhobby, in the vast majority of cases comes in RTR version, which means that they are assembled and ready to go, including everything you need to walk, as standard: station, car, battery and charger if Is electric, and emitter and car if it is gasoline (eye, here will need a starter kit to be able to use it despite being RTR models). In general you will only need AA batteries from the station that are not usually included.

So I have to buy electric Rc Cars?

You can always choose which rc car to buy, but our advice if you are just starting out is to buy an electric Rc car for the following reasons:

  • They run a lot, even more than gas. We have models that reach up to 80Km / h
  • Modern brushless motors and Lipo batteries offer a great range of use for an electric rc car (up to one hour on a single battery)
  • They come completely assembled and ready to ride RTR, but in turn they allow to disassemble them piece by piece, and we also have spare parts of all the car models we sell, in case you break a piece, Li>
  • We can choose between 4WD 4WD 4WD models that are a bit easier to drive, or 2WD or rear wheel drive that often require more skill at the wheel, and more skidding.

    I want a childrens remote control car for my son and a CarRc for me. How do I choose?

    The world of radio control cars allows parents and children to enjoy a common hobby. As we have explained above, the great variety of existing models, allows to find the rc car ideal for each person. This includes choosing a rc toy car for a child, and A high performance electric rc car for the father. Be aware that toy cars are cheap radio cars, but do not have spare parts for all of their parts, and have limited performance. They are radio control toys with simple controls, especially focused on the children of the house. While the electric RRC models for the father are models of high performance and with last generation lipo batteries.

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