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Puzzle 500 pieces

The 500 pieces jigsaw puzzles are the best cheap puzzles for your children, and come from brands like Educa or Ravensburger to develop the minds and abilities of the boys and girls. For your first puzzle, you already enjoy the new Educa 2017 collection with simple puzzles of 500 pieces to be able to do alone or as a family. These inexpensive initiation puzzles have 500 pieces only, but with various themes to improve their ability to do puzzles. You can choose a simple puzzle with varied colors and details that help to make the puzzle easier, or you can choose an easy puzzle but with areas with pieces of similar tone to increase the difficulty, so you can choose more difficult puzzles as you Perfect your technique. Choose the puzzles and buy your little puzzle of 500 pieces according to your skill. They are puzzles at a very good price for small spaces because of their small size of measures 48x34cm mostly. The first puzzles are something special and Educa has the best models at unbeatable prices. We encourage you to see all of our 2017 catalog so you can choose the most beautiful ones. All these puzzles are very entertaining and with family you will enjoy them very much. Buy your initiation puzzle now!

Tricks and recommendations to make a puzzle 500 pieces:

- First of all, choose a puzzle according to your experience: puzzles of different colors and with many different details and motives for people who have made few puzzles, or choose nevertheless pictures where there are more similar colors, skies, seas ... as you see You are able to solve them or when your patience and expertise increase.
- Use a base mat, you will prevent the pieces of the puzzle from moving unintentionally and you will be able to delimit the size of the puzzle with tape of bodybuilder or zeal to make it easier for you. Also, you can save it much faster.
- Look first for the outer pieces, which on one or more sides are smooth, which means that they go on one side or on the corners, and go and make the profile of the puzzle.
- Separate and group the pieces of the puzzle by colors (you can group it in small bowls so that it is easier to keep them separated by colors).
- Start the center for the areas that you are easier to identify (animals, faces, characteristic objects) and slowly go looking for nearby pieces.

Surely you become a puzzler expert in no time at all!

There are 126 products

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