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Remote control Cars

Nitro RC Cars

Petrol Rc Cars (nitro RC)

Gasoline radio control cars (known also as nitro rc) are one of the most desired gifts for young and passionate engine enthusiasts. All those who enjoy watching Formula 1, the MotoGP World Championship, and other motor sport, noise and speed competitions will enjoy when they buy a gasoline-powered car.

It should be clarified that the fuel of these cars with explosion engines, in scales of 1/10 and 1/8, is not really gasoline that we can charge at a gas station, but nitromethane. It is a fuel with greater power of combustion, and that allows the motors of the rc cars arrive until more than 40,000 rpm.

Some of the most outstanding features of gasoline radio control cars is the engine noise when climbing turns, along with the smoke from the exhaust pipe, which give it a special touch and a feeling that does not transmit Electric cars

The nitro rc cars of initiation to the competition usually come in versions RTR, that include the transmitter and the car. It is important to note that in these models we will need a starter kit to start the car. The starter kit will consist of a spark plug (to heat the spark plug on the starter) and its charger, a fuel bottle and some basic tool. With all this, we can start the car, and start hearing the roar of your engine.


Do You Need To Know Carburetion To Buy A Rc Gas Car


Many people buy a gas-powered radio control car without knowing anything about carburetion. At first it costs, but with manuals and tutorials in the end it is learned. We are preparing a tutorial of carburacion of nitro motors of radio control cars to facilitate the task to those who start without knowing absolutely nothing.

If it is true that the learning curve to 100% dominate a rc gas car is somewhat more difficult than an electric one. It is simple, the gasoline engine has a carburetor, a clutch that can regulate, a linkage with brake disc and brake pads, ... All these mechanical components allow us to take our car to another level of setup Or set up. But we can choose to buy a car, leave it configured in a way and dedicate ourselves to rolling with the without, or start to touch all the settings and try different configurations and see how the performance of the car varies depending on the changes we are making at. Therefore, it is valid for people who want to enjoy a radio controlled car that aims to smoke, smoke and run a lot, as for people who want to feel in the skin of mechanics and drivers of a motor sport competition. /p>


Choose a nitro rc car


The most extended nitro rc cars comprise the 1/10 nitro and 1/8 nitro scales. Both have very similar engines, of more displacement in 1/8, driven by nitrometano, and able to reach speeds of up to 100Km / h. The star models are 1/8 buggies, for their reliability, and their size to be able to walk on either side.

In 1/10 the thing is more divided, with cars type buggy and cars of gasoline for track or asphalt. In all cases the mechanical components are very similar, and even in those of track, a two-speed gearbox (usually actuated by an adjustable centrifugal clutch) is used.


Conclusion: Buy car radio-controlled gasoline


In all cases, the models of rc gasoline cars that you can find in our catalog are 4WD, ie 4WD, which helps provide greater traction and better performance when the terrain slips. This serves to make something easier the handling of the car, which due to its high performance, makes it difficult to control at first, and needs a little pilot practice, to be able to go to the top. We recomenndamos to give your first laps with your remote control car of gasoline in a wide esplanade, type of parking of polygon or similar, in order not to have obstacles near and to learn to take the car.

In this section you can find gas remote control cars at the best price. The cheap gasoline radio control car is one of the star products within the radio control, because of the charm of its explosion-proof, nitro or unleaded gasoline engines according to the versions. We are going to show you several models of inexpensive gasoline radio control car ideal for your needs, whether for running on track, asphalt, dirt, tourism or off-road bodies, and you have models with rear-wheel drive and also 4x4 gasoline remote control cars. Do not wait any longer and choose yours!

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