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Nincoair Sport WIFI VR Drone
  • Nincoair Sport WIFI VR Drone
  • Nincoair Sport WIFI VR Drone
  • Nincoair Sport WIFI VR Drone
  • Nincoair Sport WIFI VR Drone

Nincoair Sport WIFI VR Drone

Ref. NINCO_NH90113
Marca: Ninco
The Quadrone Sport Wifi VR is a medium size drone of Ninco with 0,3 camera and VR glasses. It Includes FPV Wifi technology that allows live streaming directly to your Android or IOs devices. Enjoy the flight and feel like a bird thanks to the FPV technolo
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The Quadrone Sport Wifi VR includes virtual reality glasses to feel like you are inside the drone. Connect your phone to the FPV Wifi and place it inside the VR glasses. Check through the glasses and feel like a bird! The FPV Wifi allows live streaming directly to your Android or iOS device. It includes 0,3 camera for those who want to make amazing photos and videos with resolution of 640x480 and 30fps. With a unique body design, the Quadrone Sport Wifi VR becomes a great choice for pilots who want to start flying drones and seek for a durable and easy to fly drone. The precision of the 6-axis electronic stabilizer is only comparable to that of a professional drone. Forget about starting your flight on a flat surface. Once it’s synchronized, you will be able to throw it like a frisbee and push the throttle to start flying. The electronics of the Quadrone Sport Wifi VR allow the best 3D stunts. You can do acrobatic figures: loops, flips and rolls in the four directions of flight. To the 4 channels of the Quadrone Sport Wifi VR, we must add the HEADLESS mode, which makes it easier for everyone to fly. Besides, the Quadrone Sport Wifi includes the "backwards button". With this button, your Quadrone will fly backwards so make sure the back of the drones is facing you. The radio control transmitter is 2.4GHz digital technology that enables interference-free flight. Fly up to 80 drones simultaneously in the same space with no interference. The range (distance between transmitter and drone) is up to 80m. Streaming to Android or iOS device VR glasses Video resolution 640x480 and 30 fps Photo resolution 640x480 px Intelligent orientation control (IOC) Equip flight lights Automatic return mode 4-channel 2.4GHz technology 6 axes (electronic ballast) More than 50 meters range Dimensions: 28 x 28 cm Propellers and rotors protected Allows loops 360o Li-Po battery 3.7V 300mAh Includes charger and spare propellers

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