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Nincoair Pocket CAM Drone
  • Nincoair Pocket CAM Drone
  • Nincoair Pocket CAM Drone
  • Nincoair Pocket CAM Drone
  • Nincoair Pocket CAM Drone

Nincoair Pocket CAM Drone

Ref. NINCO_NH90102
Marca: Ninco
The Quadrone Pocket CAM by Nincoair is the smallest drone including video camera! Carry it in your pocket and fly it anywhere. Its small size does not make it easier to fly. Indeed good skills are required to fly this small but very quick drone.
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The smallest and most agile drone by Nincoair. The Quadrone Pocket CAM is recommended for intermediate pilots due to its small size and high speed. Carry it in your pocket and fly it anywhere. The Pocket CAM version includes 0,3 videos camera (640x480 30FPS) to record incredible videos. The Quadrone Pocket includes 2.4Ghz technology on your transmitter for extended range and free-interference multiplayer option. Play with more than 40 friends at the same time without interference. Performs 360o acrobatics in small spaces. 4-channel movement (up / down, left / right, front / back and warps at the sides). It incorporates front and rear lights to fly in the dark. It includes efficient Li-Po battery. Charge it in your computer or your USB port transformer. The transmitter requires 2 AAA batteries. Its dimensions (4.5cm x 4.5cm x 3cm high) make it suitable for indoors and outdoors. It includes spare blades. Remember that each propeller has its place and must respect its location. Indoor / Outdoor Video camera of 640x480 30FPS Fits in your pocket 4-channel 2.4GHz and technology More than 30m range Dimensions 4,5x 4,5cm It allows 360o acrobatics Front and rear lights Includes battery charger with USB port + spare blades Li-Po battery

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