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Ninco Rally Stage WICO set
  • Ninco Rally Stage WICO set

Ninco Rally Stage WICO set

Ref. NINCO_20180
Marca: Ninco
The Rally Stage WICO incudes more than 13m of track. Tha rally experience is great thanks to the WICO wireless control system
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This Rally Stage Circuit includes over 13 meters of track to race against your rival, it also includes the Wi-Co wireless control system which allows you to race freely anywhere around the circuit. The Ninco track sytem is classed as the highest performing slot system due to the quality of the track and reliability of the connections between each section. The track uses a patented easy clip system that allows fast and easy assembling and disassembling of the circuit and with a plastic slot between the pick up rails to avoid the potential of short circuits it is one of the best systems to go for whether you are a begginer or a pro slot car racer.

The Authentic Rally: This circuit has been designed to make the most of the all the track in the box including the four lane change sections. This set will test your rally skills with both fast and slow areas, tight corners and lots of contact areas.

  • 20 x Curve Sections
  • 10 x Tight Curve Sections
  • 10 x 400mm Straight Sections
  • 4 x Lane Change Sections
  • 1 x Start Grid Section
  • 3 x 200mm Straight Section
  • 1 x 100mm Straight Sections
  • 1 x 50mm Straight Sections
  • 15 x White Trackside Barriers
  • 15 x Red Trackside Barriers
  • 1 x Plug-in Transformer
  • 2 x Wi-Co Hand Controllers
  • Space Required: 3.28m x 1.60m
  • Track length: 13.15m

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