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Ninco Megane Eurocup Circuit
  • Ninco Megane Eurocup Circuit

Ninco Megane Eurocup Circuit

Ref. NINCO_20186
Marca: Ninco
You can already buy the Circuito Megane Eurocup de Ninco, perfect circuit for initiation in the slot, with good tour, varied and designed in little space to be able to play in any room. The best system of tracks on the market. Includes two Renault Megane
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Ninco Megane Eurocup Circuit is a great circuit with its almost 9 meters of course. A space of 2.5 x 1.5 meters is required to be able to mount it. Includes 2 knobs with RJ connection system.

The Ninco Megane Eurocup Slot track includes two Renault Megane with Gibas and Elip-6 decorations. These are fast cars with an excellent chassis, with good grip in the corners so you can take them to the limit. The two Renault are from the Ninco 1 line.

The Ninco 1 have ideal benefits for initiation. Stronger cars and smaller and less powerful engines to better control your car on track.

A Ninco circuit to start in the slot world with the best manufacturer in the market at a good price. Includes everything needed for riding and running. Dust your cars and dump the slot with the best track system on the market!


TRIP (m): 8.51
MINIMUM SURFACE (m x m): 2.46 x 1.34

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