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Multi Charger Balancer 80W for Lipo/Life/NiMh/Pb Battery
  • Multi Charger Balancer 80W for Lipo/Life/NiMh/Pb Battery
  • Multi Charger Balancer 80W for Lipo/Life/NiMh/Pb Battery

Multi Charger Balancer 80W for Lipo/Life/NiMh/Pb Battery

Marca: Hobbytech
Bec cords, Futaba, Dean, Glow, alligator clamps, TX
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The charger 80 Multi Dual Power Hobbytech home is an inexpensive and very complete charger that will allow you to load or unload all batteries trade models involved in the operation of radio-controlled cars.
The reduced size of this charger makes it a highly sought ally of your fund field. It can embark anywhere, anytime!
Seven leads the charge and power come with this charger in order to meet all dedicated to batteries for radio-controlled cars applications.
The front end of the charger is composed of a liquid crystal panel and four keys for programming. The "Batt type Stop" button is the one that allows you to scroll through menus to access a particular type of load (eg charge Ni-Mh).
The two keys "Status" used to change the intensities of charge or discharge. And also to select the number of items to be loaded as part of Li-Po.
The "Start" button is mainly used to scroll through the parameters of charge or discharge, the number of elements to take into account (Li-Po) or to trigger the start of the charge or discharge or the modes "Cycle" or "Storage". 
This charger / discharger fast Xtronics has an integrated balancing circuit electronically managed by a micro processor performance, equipped with special software.
It can load optimally under conditions of maximum safety batteries: NiCd, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po, Li-Fe, PB (lead acid batteries)
  • Brand: Hobbytech
  • Model: Multi 80 Dual Power
  • Power: 80 W max for the load / 10 W max for discharge
  • Range of load current 0.1 to 6 A
  • Range of discharge current: 0.1 to 2 A
  • Max number of items eligible Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh: 1-15 items.
  • Maximum allowable number of elements in Li-Po / Li-Ion / Li-Fe 1-6 series elements.
  • Charging voltage for maximum permissible lead batteries: 2-20 volts.
  • End load detected by tendering system Deltapeak
  • Integrated balancing system 2 to 6 items
  • LCD Screen 
  • Weight: 647 g
  • Dimensions: 145 x 134 x 40 mm

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Multi Charger Balancer 80W for Lipo/Life/NiMh/Pb Battery
Miguel Solar
Muy contento
Compré este cargador y solo puedo hablar bien de el. 100% recoemndable, gran calidad y buen precio.

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Multi Charger Balancer 80W for Lipo/Life/NiMh/Pb Battery
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