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Motors - engines

Motors - engines

Electric motors for radio control.


Engines with or without brushes? (Brushed vs. Brushless)


It is one of the most common doubts when buying a car radio control: buy a motor with brushes or buy a brushless motor or brushless. The choice will depend on the power we need or want.

The differences between these two types of electric motors are based on their operation and structure.

Brushed Engines - These motors use brushes that are connected to a manifold in order to realize the polarity change in the rotor. These brushes are used to switch the motor coil current mechanically.

Brushless motors - Brushless motors, on the other hand, do not have a manifold or brushes, since the coils are switched by means of an electronic motor controller.


Main differences between motors with brushes and brushless motors


With a brushless motor you will enjoy a much greater power, and it usually has a longer life by not having brushes do not produce frictions that create wear or noise, nor the need to replace brushes or the motor itself due to wear...

Engines with brushes generate more friction by changing the polarity, producing more heat and sparks, which causes the brushes to deteriorate And over time a need for maintenance or change is generated. Therefore, although the brushed engine comes out cheaper than entry, the use can shorten its life considerably with respect to a brushless motor.

On the other hand, in terms of power, brushed motors have certain mechanical limitations derived from the use of brushes, since the friction suffered by motors with brushes causes loss of energy through heat (leading to a loss of Power), resulting in less efficient brush motors and lower speed, while brushless make better use of available energy and have a higher speed .

Finally, brushless motors tend to have a smaller size because of the absence of brushes, which also increases their performance and improves the ratio of output power And size with respect to motors with brushes.


At Factorhobby we work with the best engines, offering a wide range that suits the needs of every rc driver, whether a newcomer or a radiocontrol expert. Cheap motors for your radio control models: rc cars, radio controlled boats or boats, remote control helicopters ...)

In our catalog you have brushless electric motors (brushless) and also cheaper brushed motors, and then we have the powerful nitro or gasoline engines. Print power and speed to your rc model at the best price.

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