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Lipo Batteries


What are Lipo batteries?

First of all let's explain what Lipo batteries are. These batteries take the name of their composition: Polymer Lithium. Thanks to it, these Lipo are able to significantly increase the performance of electric radio control cars, as well as the power delivery to brushless motors, thanks to their greater capacity and high discharge rates.

Thanks to the Li-po batteries it has been possible to increase, not only the maximum speed of the electric r / c cars, but also the autonomy or playing time with the cars. These batteries allow storage of more energy in less space and with less weight. In return, we must bear in mind that the Lipo are somewhat more delicate than traditional Ni-Mh batteries, and require some additional care for their correct use and duration.


Different Types of Lipo Batteries and Features

In this section we will know the denominations and different types of Lipo Batteries that we can find in the market, as well as the characteristics that define the properties of these batteries for radio control.

Lipo batteries are classified according to the number of cells. Each cell has 3.7 volts nominal. That nominal voltage is a way of naming or calling them, although the load of said cells must oscillate between their minimum load of 3 volts and their maximum load of 4.2 volts per cell.

The cells that form a battery for radio control can be connected in two ways, in series or in parallel. The normal radio control is the series connection, which adds the voltage load of each cell (3.7v + 3.7v + ...).

A possible classification of Lipo batteries, therefore, is what classifies these according to their number of cells:

1S: 1 3.7v cell
2S: 2 cells of 7.4v (3.7v x 2)
3S: 11,1v (3,7v x 3)
4S: 14.8v (3.7v x 4)
... And so on.

For electric brushless radio control cars, the 2S, 3S and 4S are usually used. The 6S are often used in professional drones.

During the use of the Lipo, we should not discharge each of its cells below 3 volts, and in fact it is advisable to keep them a little over this limit to avoid lowering the minimum load carelessly. Neither should charging above 4.2 volts, although the current chargers stop the load when it reaches the maximum load supported.

For the cells of a 2S, 3S or 4S battery to be charged and discharged in a balanced way, it is recommended to use a charger that has the option of balancer or cell balancer. Currently they are quite affordable, and we will prolong the life of our batteries. By balancing them during charging, we will avoid that during use in our rc any of the cells will lower the minimum load of 3v, which would deteriorate it and cause the battery to be discarded before the normal time of its useful life. Investing in a good charger / balancer will save us a lot of money on batteries.

Another extra element that we can implement to take care of our batteries and rc devices is the Lipo battery voltage limiter and warning device. This limiter is mounted on the car (connecting it to the battery balancing connector) and allows us to program a warning or alarm when the battery drops below the voltage we specify (the minimum would be 3v, although to avoid passing it, it is preferable that the warning occurs with a slightly higher voltage, 3.2 for example).

Also important is the capacity of the Lipo batteries, which is what will set us the autonomy of the game with the car. The capacity is measured in mAh, and for example we can see Lipos of 2200 mah, Lipos 5200 mah, 6500 mah, ...

The more mAh, the longer the battery will last, but the larger it will be too, so we must take into account the space for the battery in our radio remote control to choose the maximum capacity of our Lipo battery. The weight of the battery is a point also to be taken into account, but especially in those radio controlled cars for competition.

Another of the most important characteristics of Polymer Lithium batteries is their discharge rate, which means the "power" that is capable of transmitting to the motor. It is measured in C (the capacity of the battery being 1C). The higher the C, the better the Li-Po battery, because it will be able to supply more power to the motor. The Lipo usually show two different values ??of the C: The direct current they are capable of supplying and the maximum peak current (which is usually double). For example, you can see: Battery 50C / 100C, with 50C the direct current and 100C the maximum peak.

You can find simpler batteries from 25C-30C up to competition batteries from 70C to 100C continuous. The higher the C's, the more "power" they will provide to the car.

New LIPO-GRAFENO batteries available

With the incorporation of the new Lipo-Graphene batteries, we managed to implement the new graphene technology and achieve the best competition batteries in the market for radio control.

Graphene improves the configuration of the batteries due to its excellent qualities:

Higher operating voltage - gives your rc car more "power".
Higher capacity: offers longer usage time, with better use of battery size / weight.
Greater durability with little reduction Performance - Less power loss after many cycles.
Lower working temperature , produces less heat during discharge. Heat is a cause of death of lithium batteries.
Increased number of cycles .
Better pairing of cells, as the Graphene produces the voltages of the most consistent elements.

Vant Battery LiHV 2S 6000 mAh 7.6V 100C / 200C is a lipo graphene battery of competition, with great autonomy, and very high discharge rate of 100 / 200C. Very high performance without loss of power in difficult times.

Vant Battery returns to achieve it at the best price and with maximum benefits.

Before buying Lipo Battery


Before buying Lipo batteries we must make sure if they are compatible with my car, by size, weight and specifications. It is important to know that putting a Lipo battery into a car that does not support it can end up burning the engine.

For this, the inverter is responsible for indicating in its specifications if it supports Lipo batteries, and how many cells. The normal in cars of 1/10 is that they are of 2 or 3 cells, whereas in 1/8 the Lipo batteries are usually of 3 or 4 cells.


Special care for Lipo Batteries


1.- When you receive the car, you must CHARGE the LIPO battery before using it, because the batteries are sent at half load, which is the safe way to transport them and storage.

2.- Lipo batteries should NOT be completely discharged (below 3v). When we are using the car, and we see that the battery is running out (we will notice a sudden drop in the power of the car), we must stop and turn off the car at that time and change to the extra battery. If we rush the battery until the car almost does not walk, it can cause the battery to break down by lowering its load too much. (The minimum load is 3v as we have commented, although it is advisable to leave it a little above to avoid passing us in an oversight).

Using a battery voltage warning, as we have said, is a good way to control the load while we are shooting.

Keep our battery cells balanced (there are already affordable chargers that have this option), it will also prolong its useful life.

3.- For the storage of the Lipo batteries (if we are not going to use the car in a week or more), we should always leave it at half load. NEVER leave it fully loaded or completely discharged.

If our charger has STORAGE mode, better leave it in that mode, and leave it more or less at half load. Knowing the approximate charging time of our battery with our charger, it will be sufficient to charge it half the time and store it that way.

4.- Take care of your batteries, store them in a cool and dry place and discard those that show symptoms of a significant deterioration (bulges ...). This way you will avoid endangering your car to radio control and will maintain the adequate security for you and yours.


Final tips on Lipo batteries

In Factorhobby we have many types of cheap Lipo batteries for radio control models (cars, helicopters, rc boats ...). Choose between the different types and sizes of Lipo battery to get the most out of your RC model.

Buying Lipo battery was never so easy. In Factorhobby we have many and varied Li-Po batteries of great quality for all your radio control devices: cars, planes, drones, helicopters, ... If you can not find the Lipo battery you are looking for, ask us and our experts will advise you quickly!

And with our Express shipping, receive it in your home in 24h !!

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