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Lipo Batteries

What are Lipo batteries?

The Lipo batteries take the name of their composition: Lithium Polymer. These new batteries are able to significantly increase the performance of electric radio control cars, as well as the delivery of power to brushless motors, thanks to their high discharge rates. Thanks to the batteries Lipo has been able to increase not only the maximum speed of electric cars, but also the autonomy or playing time with cars. These batteries allow more energy storage in less space and with less weight. In return, the price to pay is that the Lipo are somewhat more delicate than traditional NiMh batteries, and require some care for its correct use and duration.

Special care with Lipo Batteries

1.- When you receive the car, you should always charge the battery before using it.

2.- Lipo batteries should NEVER be fully discharged. That is, when we are using the car, and at one point we see that the battery is running out, we must stop and turn off the car at that time. NEVER try to rush the battery to the maximum when the car is almost gone, as it can be damaged by lowering its voltage.

3.- For storage of Lipo batteries (if we are not going to use the car in a week or more), we should always leave it at half load. NEVER leave it fully loaded or fully discharged. If our charger has STORAGE mode leave it in that mode, and leave it more or less at half load.

Knowing the time Load> approximate our stack with our loader, it will be enough to load it half the time and save it that way.

Different Types of Lipo Batteries

In this section we will know the denominations and different types of Batteries Lipo that we can find in the market.

Lipo batteries are classified according to the number of cells. Each cell has 3.7v nominal. Therefore we can classify them as:

1S: 1 cell 3,7V

2S: 2 cells 7,4v

3S: 11.1v

4S: 14.8v


And so on. For brushless electric radio control cars, 2S, 3S and 4S are often used. And those of 6S are often used in professional drones.

Another important variable is the capacity of the Lipo batteries, which is what will mark the autonomy of play with the car. The capacity is measured in mAh, and for example we can see Lipos of 5200 mah, 6500 mah, ... The more mAh, the longer the battery lasts.

Another of the most important characteristics of Lipo batteries is their discharge rate, which means the "power" that is able to transmit to the motor. It is measured in C (1C being the capacity of the battery). At higher C, the better the lipo battery, because it will be able to supply more power to the engine. Lipo batteries usually show two different values ??of C: The direct current they are able to supply and the maximum peak current (which is usually double). For example you can see: Battery 50 / 100C, where 50C is direct current and 100C peak.

You can find simple batteries from 25C-30C up to 70-100C continuous competition batteries. The higher the C, the more power the car will have.

Before you buy Lipo Battery

Before buying Lipo batteries we must make sure they are compatible with my car, by size, weight and specifications. It is important to know that putting a Lipo battery in a car that does not support it may end up burning the engine.

To do this, the inverter is in charge of indicating in its specifications whether it supports Lipo batteries, and of as many cells. The normal in 1/10 cars is that they are 2 or 3 cells, whereas in 1/8 the lipo batteries are usually 3 or 4 cells.


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