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Remote control Cars

Electric RC Cars

How Electric Rc Cars Are

The electric remote control cars are formed by the chassis, the electronica (variador and motor, that also receive the name of combo) and the batteries. As we are talking about electric rc cars, we are going to focus on the differences in the part of the engine and variator, especially the brushless electric rc cars and we will explain the whole battery issue in the corresponding section of Lipo Batteries.

Regarding electric car engines, we differentiate between two large groups, cars powered by brushed motors or those that install the most modern brushless motors known as brushless motors.

The inverter is in charge of managing all motor power from the battery, so it plays a very important role in the final performance of the car. Normally it is the inverter that will limit the use of a battery of more voltage, or of a motor of more consumption. The Rc cars that we sell in Factorhobby have been chosen for their good quality / price ratio, And are perfectly balanced in this aspect, so the customer should not worry about this issue. In addition we usually offer discount packs with a second extra battery, since we believe that the most important thing is to enjoy the car, and for it the best thing is to have a pair of batteries to increase the time driving our electric car Rc.


Advantages of Buying an Electric Rc Car

There is a lot of development: with the development of Lipo batteries and brushless motors, they have experienced a boom, since the material has been cheapened, while the performances have been increased making them similar or Even higher than gasoline in the case of brushless electric rc cars.

- Great acceleration capability.

- The electric motor is ideal for RTR initiation models: Charge batteries, and enjoy.
brushless motors where you can find many more options for your Car.

As explained so far, we can only conclude that electric rc cars are in fashion. Visit our complete catalog, choosing your favorite scale and choose your rc favourite!

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