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Types of batteries for radiocontrolled cars

We are going to explain the different types of batteries available in the market for radio control cars, as well as lipo batteries for drones, and NiMh batteries for toy radio control cars. With the advance of the power of electric rc cars, we find that rc batteries have also been developed in a major way. The Rc batteries consist of a series of individual elements or cells, which are connected in series or in parallel, form the battery, with specific specifications, which vary according to the characteristics of each cell and the way in which said cells Have been interconnected. For example, when the cells of the lipo rc battery are connected to one another, 2s (2 cells), 3S (3 cells) Lipo batteries can be obtained ... achieving 7,4v, 11,1v, voltages. .3,7 being the nominal voltage of a cell of a Lipo rc battery.

The advantage that the batteries offer us, is that they are rechargeable, and are able to store a lot of energy inside. The new Rc Lipo batteries are able to save more energy in less space and less weight, making them perfect for Rc cars and drones.

For rc cars for children, even the classic NiMh batteries, which although not as strong as the lipo, fulfill their role when electric cars are initiating.

There are a variety of cheap batteries available for radio control models: Ni-Mh batteries, Lipo batteries, Life, lead ... We want to show you how to choose the battery that best fits your radio control car.

What Battery Can I Put On My Rc Car?

When you buy an electric radio car, in RTR version, it usually comes with a standard battery. Usually the batteries of the RTR models are simple and allow a limited autonomy, usually between 8 minutes in drones, up to 10-15 minutes in radio control cars. Therefore, we always recommend getting a second extra battery for our radio control car. There are even people who have 4 or 5 batteries, and this way you can spend the morning with your car, without having to recharge them.

By default, we will have to buy the same battery type as our electric radio control car, although we can always look at the inverter specifications in case it supports other types of batteries. But beware, because changing the battery type, surely the model battery charger will not be worth the model, and we must buy a new one that charges the new type of battery we want to acquire. It is very important to keep in mind that each battery needs a specific charger for that type of batteries: Lipo, NiMh, NiCd, ... although there are also chargers that allow you to charge different types of batteries by selecting them through a menu, and telling the charger if We are charging NiMh batteries or Lipo batteries for example. In case of doubt, you can consult us by emial with your specific model to advise you of the options.


Lipo Battery or NiMH Battery, which is better?

The answer to this question is complicated. There is not one better than another. It depends on the type of car Rc that we have and for that we are going to use, we can opt for a battery Lipo or a battery NiMh. In the section corresponding to these types of battery we explain the pros and cons of each one, as well as the necessary care for us to last many cycles of charge without spoiling.

Take advantage of special offers and prices. At Factorhobby we believe that Lipo batteries for rc cars are the essence of the performance of your model, so we offer you a wide catalog of batteries for remote control cars of all types, so that you can choose the one that best suits The needs of your car rc, drone, avion rc, ...

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