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3D & 4D Puzzles

Buy a 3D or 4D puzzle from the new 2017 puzzle collection Ravensburger 3D and Educa.

Great variety of new models of puzzles of emblematic monuments like the abbey of Westminster, the Eiffel Tower 3D, the impressive 3D puzzle of Big Ben.

These puzzles are the evolved version of traditional 2D puzzles. Build the three-dimensional Empire State Building, or the sculptures of your favorite Star Wars characters, Yoda's 3D figure or Darth Vader's 3D sculpture.

Buy now in your favorite 3D building Factorhobby, innovative puzzles with high details in 3D that are mounted without glue or scissors with Ravensburger's easy-click technology. Unique, fun and three-dimensional puzzles very easy to assemble.

You can also buy your favorite puzzles shop Factorhobby the 3D lamps of Peppa Pig or Spiderman.

Collection of cheap 4D and 3D puzzles. Diferent models.

There are 70 products

3D Puzzle Ball Match Balls FIFA 3D Ravensbur...

3D Puzzle Ball Match Balls FIFA 3D Ravensburger 119370 - 54 pieces jigsaw puzzle

3D Puzzle Tourist Minions Despicable Me 3 Ra...

3D Puzzle Tourist Minions Despicable Me 3 Ravensburger 116720 - 3D Puzzle 54 pieces jigsaw

Cologne Cathedral - Puzzle 3D

Constructions of absolute precision in assembly and meticulous attention to detail. Numerous accessories allo...